Transforming your home before listing it for sale can significantly increase its value and attract more potential buyers. How much? Keep reading for some helpful insights! 

Strategic investments in home improvements can lead to a higher selling price. Check out this remarkable transformation of a property on Sammon Avenue, showcasing how smart upgrades can make a substantial difference. Whether you’re considering selling your home soon or simply want to boost its market appeal, these insights can help you make the right decisions.



Curb appeal is very important when selling your home – you know what they say about first impressions?

The front of the house was a pale green which wasn’t aging well and it didn’t match the rest of the home which was white. The enclosed porch was in rough shape and needed repair. The house is located on a busier street so the front porch wasn’t used much. The parking pad is a bonus in this neighbourhood, but it was only able to accommodate a small car. 

So here are some of the improvements we made:

  • Opened up the porch and cut it back to half the size. This would increase the size of the parking pad to accommodate a large car. Parking is worth more than a big porch on this street.
  • We added steel beams to replace the ones that were failing, new stairs with railings and a privacy screen to block the garage next door.
  • Painted the facade white with black trim to give it a more updated look.


The Back deck was old and falling apart and didn’t look safe. A Home Inspector would definitely have a problem with it. And the yard was overgrown and didn’t have grass. There was a lot of “stuff” all over, and a dilapidated shed with vines and growth all over.

Since the house fronts on a busier street it was important to have a beautiful backyard. People who have kids or pets need a yard that is safe and has some grass. So this is what we did:

  • Replaced the dangerous deck with a new one with railings and we closed the sides to prevent squirrels and racoons from moving in.
  • Tore out the shed and cleared out all the unnecessary “stuff”.
  • Leveled out the yard and added new sod and cleaned up the overgrown vines and shrubs, Then we added flowers and gravel and pavers for a walkway on the side of the house

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The Interior of the House

Main Floor

The main floor was great with its high ceilings, gas fireplace and an open concept, but it was cluttered and painted two shades of green. It felt dark and the kitchen felt out dated.

So here are some of the improvements we made:

  • Painted a bright neutral colour and changed the light bulbs to a less yellow tone
  • Refinished the hard wood floors throughout the whole house and painted the risers to the stairs white to brighten up the space.
  • Updated the kitchen with quartz counters, painted cabinets, new sink and hardware.


The Second Floor

The bathroom was large and outdated and the bedrooms seemed dark and cluttered.

There wasn’t too much that needed to be done but this is what we did:

  • Painted the second floor a light neutral colour (like the rest of the home)
  • Renovated the bathroom with a new tub/shower combo, a new toilet and vanity, nice tiles, and modern lighting to brighten it up
  • Updated the lighting in the bedrooms as well

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The Basement

The basement was small but it had a 3pc bathroom, laundry and a space that could be used for anything. It was basically a workshop for my clients, but then it became storage and you know how things can get.

Having an extra bedroom is a bonus and adds value to a home so we made it a bedroom for a teenager or as a guest room. Which worked well because of the bathroom.

The Results:
Higher Value, Lots of Interest and a Quick Sale!

The transformation of the Sammon Avenue house paid off remarkably. If we had simply emptied the house, cleaned it, and painted, we would have likely sold it for around $700K after a few weeks on the market (based on market conditions at that time).

Instead, I suggested targeted improvements that made the biggest impact without excessive spending. I sourced contractors and materials, and meticulously organized the timing and schedule. This allowed us to update the kitchen and both bathrooms, install new decks, fix the exterior, paint, refinish the hardwood floors, and landscape the backyard.

The investment of approximately $55,000 made the home much more appealing to a larger audience. The professional staging and photography I used helped market the property, attracting more showings and open house guests. As a result, we sold the property for $925,000 in just one week – a significant increase from the initial estimate.

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