Laneway Houses provide:

  • Increased Property Value
  • Rental Income
  • Privacy
  • Improved Family Living

Laneway Houses


Laneway homes, unlike other forms of infill development, provide extra living space without disturbing the look and character of a neighbourhood. These units turn underutilized space into useful real estate. Laneways, which can sometimes look rundown or scary, become safer, more accessible, and interesting, adding to the character of a neighbourhood. 

Laneway Houses

Here is how the City of Toronto defines them:

Laneway suites are a specific type of detached secondary suite, which are ancillary to the principal residence and front onto a residential laneway. A laneway suite is smaller than the main home and located at the rear of a residential lot with all of its services (water, sewer, electricity, gas, garbage, mail, and emergency services) sourced from the principal residence, not the laneway. Laneway suites could be used for family members or as a rental unit, but remain under ownership of the main house and is not severable. (from Toronto.ca)



Increased Property Value

Renovating your main house can add to the value of your home, but not always as much as people expect.  Living through the mess and disruption isn’t fun either. Building a laneway suite will certainly increase your property value making your home more sellable – more money and a faster sale.


Rental Income

Many homeowners look for properties that have income potential to help pay off their mortgage and other costs of living. The extra income also helps by providing you with more opportunities at retirement. The City of Toronto has 2 programs providing incentives for eligible home owners to take advantage of when building a Laneway suite. 




A laneway suite will offer more privacy from your tenants as compared to a basement apartment. It also allows access to more light, air, and views, which make it a more desirable option to potential tenants.


Improved Family Living

If you don’t need the rental income laneway suites provide an opportunity for multigenerational households with adult children, empty nesters, and care-takers living in the same home. They can be used as a studio or workspace, a guest house for visiting family or friends, or whatever your family needs.